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Title: Solution

Format: mp3

Duration: 0:31 min

Sample Rate: 44.100 kHz

File Size: 504 KB

Moods / Emotions:
Smooth, Joyful

DVD Menu Music, Transition, 30 Second Spot, Corporate, Melodic
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Lego Man
I used this on almost all My movies its great!
Ahaa!!!~ I love it ,reminds me of some old anime show I use to watch xD
Perfect! Precisely what I was looking for and it was on the last page. It is indeed the Solution for me! It's short, sassy, and has the perfect beat. Thank you!
Megan O.
now there's a sound effects gal? good grief
Sound Effects Gal
yeah megan o.
Sound Effects Guy
Be quiet Megan O.
Megan O.
i luv this site 2! 8-D
who the heck is sound effects guy?
Sound Effects Guy
This song rox!
This site is my favorite place for sound effects.
I find all my sounds for movies on this site.
I luv this website! :)
Well, if you do put it in a video game, it would be the perfect "Solution". :D
I've gotta agree with Dave on this one!
Someone - you could just crop it to a certain section and repeat it - that's pretty much what it is anyway.
This has video game item shop all over it
flash programmer
cool i can use for ending credits XD