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Track Name Moods / Emotions Format Duration File Size  
On the Run 1 Moving, Cautious, Driving, Groovy .mp3 1:09 1.1 MB
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On the Run 2 Cautious, Mysterious, Repetitive .mp3 2:29 2.3 MB
Spring Winds Spirited, Hopeful, Serene, Meditative, Calm, Light .mp3 1:49 1.7 MB
Diving Turtle Happy-Go-Lucky, Joyful, Dreamy, Peaceful .mp3 2:53 2.6 MB
Solution Smooth, Joyful .mp3 0:31 504 KB
Oriental Drift Melodic, Determined, Majestic .mp3 2:58 2.7 MB
Fast Track Joyful, Energetic .mp3 0:32 516 KB