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Title: Oriental Drift

Format: mp3

Duration: 2:58 min

Sample Rate: 44.100 kHz

File Size: 2.7 MB

Moods / Emotions:
Melodic, Determined, Majestic

Oriental, Asian, Geisha, Japan, China, Travel
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Li Wang
It sounds awesome! And it reminds me of Chun-Nan in Sonic: Unleashed
thanks i'll use this for running
awesome! I like this! :)
thanks a lot! going to use on my cosplay podcast!!
D the Hedgehog
Cool song. I will use this song when I go to a forest or some cool place. I enjoy it! Thanks.
Very nice. I like your instrumentation. The one lead sound MUST be the "Colliope" on a Roland D-50. I always thought that made such a great lead sound and you have used it perfectly in this piece of music.
i like this is song... its so kool and makes me think i'm on a trip to china!
This song reminds me of the movie The Great Panda Adventure!!!!!! :)
I love this!
omg it makes me what to play age of empires again and again
this place is the best
This is soooo good! it reminds me of the Asian movies my parents watch all the time, to me it's like someone dancing! also agree that it could be use for Naruto! Ninja fits perfectly too! Thanks to my lecture for this site and thank you whoever made this site (bows in respect) >~
Crazy Lil Mi-chan
OMG! I love this type of music! And i agree with Raven22! Would so fit in with Naruto!!! It's got a nice tune. Rather sweet lol!!!
okay, what happened to my pics?!?!.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ninjas are so awesome! personally i prefer things like Naruto, and this totally fits in with Naruto! Katie and Lyndsey are so cool for even mentioning ninjas! ( do you like my pics...?)
Nice, it can present oriental life style.
yer your right katie this would be real cool for a ninja story
--Link Master--
Woha! Something werid just happened! I dont know if the other people saw it like me but, to be sure, I will repeat the message:
You should put more music like this, dont you think??
Im working on a "TV" program (that wont be on tv, or maybe yes?. Its for YouTube) and its "Oriental". I could use music like this one.
Different and brilliant. Thanks!
Neat! I could use this in a ninja story or something!
I love this one... its kool as