What video formats do you accept?

We accept VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, Digital 8, Betamax, and Mini-DV formats. Unfortunately, we are not able to convert 8 mm or 16 mm film footage.

How much video footage can fit on a DVD?

Up to 2 hours of high quality video. The video quality deteriorates significantly when over two hours is put on a single DVD.

Can I combine multiple video tapes to create a single DVD?

Yes, you may combine video tapes to a create a single DVD. If you will be combining video from multiple tapes for a DVD movie, use the DVD Combining Form to give more detailed instructions. Label each movie tape with an easily indentifiable title (e.g. 1,2,3). A $5 handling charge fee will be charged for each additional tape.

Can you convert PAL or SECAM VHS tapes into NTSC DVD?

Yes, and the price is the same ($19.95) whether the VHS tapes are on PAL, SECAM or NTSC format.

Will you return my original tapes?


What is PAL, SECAM and NTSC?

PAL (Phase Alternating Line) is the type of video system used in many countries outside of the U.S. NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) is a standard used in North America and Japan. SECAM (Sequential Color Memory) is used in France, Russia, Eastern Europe and a few other parts of the world.

Can you make copies of copyrighted material?

No. We cannot legally reproduce copyrighted videos. Permission for duplication, for any purpose whatsoever, must be secured from the copyright owner.

How long does it take to receive my DVD?

We generally ship out completed DVD productions within a week.

What is wrong, my DVD will not play in my DVD player?

We encourage you to call your DVD player manufacturer to inquire about playing DVD-R formats in the machine. DVD-R media is not 100 percent compatible in all DVD players. The only way guarantee 100 percent compability is to have a project manufactured, and manufacturers typically have minimum runs of at least 1000 discs. About 95% all of DVD players available will play any disc without a problem.

How long will the DVD disc last?

DVDs have a life expectancy of more than 100 years with no loss of video quality.

What is included with my order?

All of our DVDs come with customized DVD case covers and labels. We deliver you one DVD containing your video footage, and can supply you with as many additional copies as you desire ($9.95 each).

What are "Chapters?"

Chapters are specific scenes that have been detected within your video, and are very similar to chapters in a book which divide the story into related pieces. By indexing your video into separate chapters, our DVD allows you to skip to any chapter directly (without fast forwarding). Your video will be divided into about five-minute chapters.

What about shipping and handling?

We ship your order via USPS Standard Certified Mail ($8.00) or via Fed-Ex or UPS for an additional fee of $2.00 per order ($10.00). The tracking number will be emailed to you.

What is a VCD?

VCD is a video compact disk. It looks like a regular music CD and offers decent quality - its resolution is 352x240 (NTSC). DVD provides much higher resolution (700x480).

Can I have my videos transferred to VCD?

Yes. Note, that if you want to have your videos on VCDs and play them on your DVD player, you'll need a DVD player which can read CD-R discs.

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