About Us

Creating professional documentary and promotional video productions.

We offer the ability to produce a video for your organization tailored to your needs. These could be purely informational or designed to raise funds for your particular program. The videos are designed to be shown to people who may have an interest in supporting the efforts of your particular field, through grants, individual contributions or as volunteers.

We will be happy to help create with you the most meaning and purposeful production that will serve your organization's needs in the most beneficial capacity possible.

We will be happy to meet with you at your convenience to go over with you any ideas you may have about promoting your organization and if accepted, to give you a complete proposal as to possible costs and timing involved.

Inspire your audience to support you by volunteering or giving financial support.

Inform your employees of your company's policies and what they can expect.

Sales Presentations
Interest your audience in buying your products or services.

Meetings & Events
Share the activity with those who were not able to attend.
Give your clients or employees a visual image of what you are teaching.

Corporate Image
Make an in-depth presentation about your organization.
Create a documentary to inform your audience of your organization's past accomplishments.

Promotional Material
In addition to producing videos, we can also create for you:

Digital Video Discs (DVDs)
Audio CDs & Tapes
Multimedia Presentations
Video Tape and DVD Duplications

Winner, AEGIS Video & Film Production Awards
Award of Excellence, The Accolade Competition
Award of Distinction, The Videographer Awards
Honorable Mention, The Communicator Awards
Award of Distinction, The Communicator Awards

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