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City of Redwood City

Redwood City, California, it's a community of just over 75,000 people, it’s a center of high-tech industry, and it’s the mid-point of the beautiful San Francisco Peninsula. Known for its great climate and profound sense of community, Redwood City is devoted to preserving its rich history, maintaining today’s quality of life, and carefully planning its future.

Youth and Family Enrichment Services (YFES)

Youth and Family Enrichment Services (YFES) is a private non-profit agency in San Mateo County that provides a wide array of free and low-cost services to help children, teens and adults who are dealing with substance abuse, domestic violence, mental health, relationship and communication issues.



The Youth Development Initiative (YDI)

The Youth Development Initiative (YDI) is one of Youth and Family Services programs established to provide young people with knowledge of and participation in local government activities in an effort to help teens recognize their own importance in community activities and decisions. Their ideas from the perspective youth are welcomed and encouraged by their membership on local boards, commissions and councils.
The Police Activites League (PAL)

The Police Activites League (PAL) is an organization sponsored and managed by local police for the purpose of keeping children and teenagers off the streets and in a safe environment where they can grow into active and responsible adults. The new PAL facility in Redwood City is currently raising funds through donations and grants to complete the financing of the project.
The Latino Commission (TLC)

The Latino Commission (TLC) is a non-profit agency whose purpose to assist Latino people in overcoming their drug and alcohol problems through a number of agency-owned and managed houses where they can live on a temporary basis with others in the same situation. They attend seminars to create an awareness of the possibilities and methods for conquering their addictions.

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